Paanajärvi in the Republic of Karelia, Russia

This is the winner of a Medal

From 1996 to 2001 the village of Paanajärvi and its fine wooden architecture was included on the List of World Monuments Watch 100 most endangered sites. The condition of the buildings seriously deteriorated over time as the village was under prohibition to build or repair because of the threat to be submerged by the pool of a planned water plant.

Paanajärvi, Republic of Karelia RUSSIAN FEDERATION

Since 1996, the Juminkeko Foundation has been restoring buildings and training local people in the necessary restoration skills, handicrafts and commercial enterprise. The Foundation bought some of the most significant buildings and returned them for free to the local people after restoration.

“For the preservation of the fine wooden architecture of a remote village, the revitalisation of the traditional building techniques and safeguarding of its unique cultural heritage through sustainable income-generating initiatives.”