The Pantomime Theatre in Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens

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Chinese-style pantomime theatre dating from 1874, located in one of the world’s oldest amusement parks. The originality of its design and its historical importance as a theatre makes it a monument of immense European significance.

The Pantomime Theatre in the Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen DENMARK

The wooden structure, façade and decorative elements had suffered from widespread rot and humidity, so meticulous repairs were made and where necessary parts were replaced. The leaking zinc covering on the roof was replaced with copper coated with oil paint and 23 1/2 carat gold. The colourful paint on the façade presented a particular problem: little of the original paint remained, so the restoration was based on a colour scheme applied in 1959.

“For the skilful restoration of a fragile pavilion in the historic Tivoli Gardens and its invaluable contribution to the conservation of a unique pantomime tradition.”

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