Pilot Project for the Restoration of Vernacular Dwellings in Valencia

This is the winner of a Prize.

Research of the traditional features of the humble vernacular architecture of the Rincón de Ademuz region, including its composition, construction, typology, materials and colours.

Pilot project for the Restoration of Vernacular Dwellings, Valencia SPAIN

After the research a pilot project of a vernacular building restoration was carried out to actually restore an anonymous vernacular dwelling, in order to apply the accumulated knowledge to a real building. A database was made of economic comparisons between the prices of a newly built house and those of a restoration. The conclusion was that it is not only convenient to conserve these vernacular dwellings for personal, cultural or romantic reasons, but also for the economic development of the area.

“For the creation of a well-researched methodology and guideline for restoring humble vernacular houses in the region, which has proved to be an exemplary didactic instrument at university level and has also had the tangible effect of being a perfect model for public and private interventions in restoring the same vernacular cultural heritage”