Preindustrial Buildings in Ademuz/Sesga

“The Jury greatly admired the restoration of this collection of preindustrial buildings in the hamlet of Sesga in the village of Ademuz. The conserved vernacular structures including their contents, are outstanding because they beautifully recall the former local way of life, and reflect the collective memories and activities of this rural area in their true context and landscape. Their careful restoration and enhancement deserves to be an inspiration for similar rural areas throughout Europe.”

After a decade of research, including a book published on the preindustrial architecture of the Ademuz area, the goal of this project was to restore, evaluate and raise awareness of twelve neglected and abandoned preindustrial vernacular buildings, so idiomatic of these remote villages. The project was implemented using traditional techniques and materials with a very limited budget, and has aimed to preserve the style and character of the buildings. Also preserved were the kilns and workshops then used for producing the building materials, while the interiors were conserved or refurnished to illustrate the local preindustrial culture and economic activities.

Preindustrial Buildings in Ademuz/Sesga, Valencia SPAIN

Much knowledge can be gained from studying these vernacular structures and the original handcrafted workmanship of this small area in Spain, to rediscover and to help illustrate the local culture of the time, as an example of traditional building methods and of social and economical life during the foundations of modern civilisation. During the process, the inhabitants of the area’s villages participated actively in informing and advising the work. Nowadays, the restored buildings are often visited by local people and tourists, as well as students of vernacular architecture.