Presbyterian Church in Gyügye

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The church in the small village of Gyügye was built as a Catholic church in the 14th century and transformed into a Presbyterian church following the Calvinist Reformation. This project epitomises the emerging aspiration of the local people to restore their heritage following the change of regime.

Presbyterian Church of Gyügye,Gyügye  HUNGARY

The project undertook the restoration of the church and a free-standing tower beside. The roof shapes of the church itself were returned to their steeply pitched forms and structural repairs were carried out and exterior lighting installed. The elaborately painted surfaces of the pulpit and furnishings (1767-1833) were cleaned and restored, namely the unique 1767 wooden ceiling elaborately painted with the signs of the zodiac.

“For the carefully researched high quality restoration of a small Gothic church, including the re-installation of an authentic version of the original roof, resulting in the revival of a beautiful landmark for a small village.”