Professor Hans Munk Hansen

This is the winner of a Medal

The nominee has played an important role in the preservation of architectural heritage and in the design of sustainable new buildings. His work, which includes restorations of historical buildings, adaptation of old buildings to new uses and new constructions in valuable landscapes or settings, reflects a great sensitivity to the “genius locii”.

Professor Hans Munk Hansen, DENMARK

He has been active in Denmark, Germany, Cyprus and Malta, but also in the Middle East and Asia. As a partner in European groups of experts, he has worked out regional plans for the maintenance of cultural values in a number of third world countries (on behalf of the EU, the UN and of the Danish Development Agency). As Professor in Architecture and head of the restoration faculty at the Royal Academy of Copenhagen he has had great influence on a new generation of architects. He has consistently devoted himself to the task of bringing new life to historical towns and buildings, whilst showing deep respect for their cultural background.

“For fifty years of professional excellence in bringing historical towns and buildings back to life, and for his great sensitivity to the genius loci.”