Raising Awareness of Maritime Cultural Heritage – Hampshire & Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology

“Raising the profile of maritime heritage and archaeology – from crashed airplanes and shipwrecks to prehistoric sites – deserves wider European attention. The jury appreciates the exemplary and hands-on approach which introduces a large audience to the inaccessible heritage that lies underwater or is hidden in the mud. By using a variety of outreach tools, from posters, books, films, a website, workshops, dives and even a “Marine bus”, the initiative engages not only the general public, dedicated volunteers and professionals, it also manages to attract hard to reach audiences. The HWTMA project has had a lasting influence on coastal planning and development.”

The work of the Hampshire & Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology has raised awareness of maritime cultural heritage, regionally, nationally and internationally. Through increasing understanding and enjoyment of this important aspect of heritage, the HWTMA has helped foster a wider appreciation which has aided long term management and conservation. This programme has developed the understanding of shipwrecks, submerged prehistoric occupation sites, crashed aircraft, historic anchorages, coastal industries and hulked vessel remains that are often submerged underwater or are difficult to access.

Raising Awareness of Maritime Cultural Heritage - Hampshire & Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology, Southampton UNITED KINGDOM
Using the results of archaeological fieldwork and research, a range of pioneering and innovative approaches have been used to engage and enthuse people of all ages with maritime heritage. The emphasis on involvement and learning has enabled the development of a diverse and well respected programme of opportunities, activities and associated resources. The results have had an impact internationally due to the transnational nature of the resource which embodies the common European heritage.

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