Reed and Sedge Cutters Rejuvenation Project in The Broads

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Three years ago, the reed and sedge industry in the Broads was in an advanced state of decline, as a result of competition from cheap imported reed, very low income and increasingly difficult working conditions for those engaged in the industry. The first stage of the process towards recovery was to stabilise the industry. This was achieved by a combination of actions, including grant aid from LEADER+ to provide new machinery for cutting reed and sedge; political pressure on landowners and managers to reduce or drop royalty payments; and the formation of an Association of Broads Reed and Sedge cutters, in order to give the industry a ‘voice’ and to provide mutual support.

The Reed & Sedge Cutters, The Broads, UK

Currently, the industry is in an early recovering phase, as evidenced by the increased area of commercial reed and sedge that is being restored and managed, the increased number of members within the Association, the ‘voice’ of the industry as a consultee within Broads issues.

“For an innovative project to recreate and develop sustainable reed and sedge industry with considerable impacts on biodiversity and landscape conservation.”

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