Report for Protection of Natural and Cultural Heritage of Metohija

This is the winner of a Medal

The objective of the study was to assess the condition of cultural and natural heritage in Kosovo and Metohija and protection measures before and after 1999, recognize modes of damage and destruction, definition of measures for urgent and long-term protection and revitalisation of the heritage, drafting a priority list, drafting of programmes and projects. A final report (428 pages) presents the results of the research carried out through the joint efforts of domestic and Italian experts and draws awareness of the international community to the alarming condition of heritage in this region.

Final Report of the Mnemosyne Centre on the project Urgent Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage in Metohija, SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO

“For extensive field research resulting in the definition of effective measures for the protection and revitalisation of a significant part of the cultural and natural heritage in Kosovo/UNMIK.”