Restoration and Revitalisation of the Castle of Servia

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The castle of Servia is a Byzantine (6th c.) mountain fortification suffered from severe deterioration due to rock geomorphology, earthquakes and abandonment. For its restoration and revitalization, a study was made in the context of the EC-FORMTED project, in 3 phases: documentation and evaluation of the existing situation; proposals for consolidation, conservation, restoration and revitalization; management and exploitation after restoration.

Restoration and Revitalization of the Castle of Servia, Thessaloniki GREECE

A multidisciplinary team, as well as the local community and authorities were involved in accomplishment of this holistic study which was approved for implementation. A basic principle of the proposed integral conservation is that the historical and natural environments are considered as a unity. The proposed measures aim to improve accessibility and legibility, as well as the provision of adequate historical information in an attractive and educational way. The proposed plan is a first step aiming to tap into the cultural resources of the region in order to develop its socio-economic potential.

“For a commendable approach to the revitalisation of heritage, within its historical, environmental and socio-economic context, which sensitively integrates the past into the present”