Römerbergwerk Meurin in Kretz

This is the winner of a Diploma.

The excavation of tuff (stone of solidified volcanic ash) mines in South-West Germany, was originally exploited by the Romans. The finds have been protected from the elements by a large glassed in hall and an educational display has been integrated into the mining galleries.

Römer- Bergwerk Meurin, Kretz GERMANY

Located within a modern tuff stone quarry, it is the last remainder of this ancient mining area. In 1998 research started with the excavation and preservation of the 2,500 square metre Roman mine. The walls of the tunnels were covered with innumerable marks made by the tools of those times, allowing for an exact reconstruction of the working process.

“For the educational presentation of a Roman tuff stone mine, now located within an active industrial mining site, which respectfully retains the ancient traces for future research and illustrates 2,000 years of continuous mining”

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