Saints Faustino and Giovita’s church in Fasano

The Church of Saints Faustino and Giovita is situated in Fasano, on the banks of Lake Garda. Originally built in the 15th century, it was severely damaged by an earthquake in November 2004, which brought parts of the church into critical condition and caused access to the building to become highly dangerous. Thus this was not simply a restoration project, but also a careful reconstruction that sought to reinforce the building while maintaining the authenticity of its historic elements and style, and respect for its original form.

Saints Faustino and Giovita's church,Fasano ITALY

The use of traditional materials and methods, combined with contemporary products and techniques, successfully increased the resistance capacity of the entire masonry structure and enabled the reassembly of original detached, damaged and fragmented decorative ornaments to help restore the church, as closely as possible, to its original state. The church’s organ, completely shattered in the earthquake, has been restored to its previous glory.

“The Jury deems the restoration of the Church of the Saints Faustino and Giovita as being more profound than just returning it to its original state. The monument, ever vulnerable to seismic activity, has a central place in the socio-cultural identity of its community. It has also a strategic value in the landscape of Lake Garda, whose integrity continues to be transformed and compromised today.”