Sandbu Søre Nedre in Vågå

This is the winner of a Prize.

The farmstead of Sandbu fits harmoniously into the sloping hills of the Gudbrandsdalen valley between Oslo and Trondheim. The first documentation dates to 1177 when it was a major centre of authority. The historical site is one of the finest and best-preserved timber farms in Norway.

Sandbu Søre Nedre, Vågå NORWAY

The first restoration phase involved rebuilding the roofs and stabilising the foundations of the farmhouses. The farm chapel was reconstructed and the dilapidated flour mill is now operating again. The various houses have been furnished with authentic textiles and outstanding pieces of furniture, including canopy beds and painted cupboard, of a mixture of painted and non-painted rococo-style.

“For the meticulous and exemplary conservation of an authentic 18th century complex of wooden farmhouses which have been saved from total dereliction”