Santo Stefano di Sessanio in L’Aquila

This is the winner of a Prize

This initiative aimed to salvage and restore minor architectural heritage of a medieval fortified village, which had been deserted and abandoned through its rehabilitation as an extended hotel. As well as accommodation and catering, the complex plans include workshops for traditional craftsmanship, a wine cellar, shops for the areas gastronomic products, an inn, services for tourism and related activities, a conference centre and meeting rooms, a wellness centre, and a centre for excursions.

Santo Stefano di Sessanio, l’Aquila ITALY

The selected approach has preserved the patina of the age and evidence of past lives lived in poverty, such as the smoke-blackened plasters, as an integral part of heritage.

“For an ingenious human and ecological approach to preserve and activate a deserted medieval fortified village, that sets a precedent for reviving rural architectural heritage throughout Europe.”

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