Sarica Church in Cappadocia

This is the winner of a Prize

Conservation and restoration of a rock-carved 10-13th century Byzantine church located in Cappadocia. Initiated by the aspirations of a private firm, the project successfully enabled the revitalization of the dilapidated church and rendered it accessible to visitors. Restoration of its wall paintings, featuring mostly geometric designs, which date from the same period.

Sarica Church, Cappadocia TURKEY

The church suffered from surface erosion due to rainwater infiltration, cracks, flaking and missing architectural elements. The softened rock was replaced with harder local tuffa stone. Restoration of drainage channels and construction of a new drainage channel. Construction of a walkway and design of information panels.

“For the impressive rescue, stabilisation and conservation – by private initiative – of a dilapidated rock-carved church threatened by climatic erosion and for the provision of visitor infrastructure in a region of huge cultural significance.”