Saving past testimonies for building a future in Moldova

This project is a large one, supported by a range of public bodies in Moldova, including the Agency for Inspection and Restoration of Monuments, with the aim of promoting a wider consciousness of the entire country’s heritage. The target populations are both owners and administrators and the general public. The chief task is to raise the awareness of citizens, individuals and companies, beneficiaries and owners or administrators of monuments to encourage the adoption of a civic attitude towards cultural-historic heritage and to develop a profile of the potential visitor to Moldova’s monuments, both local and from abroad.

How is this to be done? Modern educational methods are used to teach the younger generation the importance of their national cultural-historic heritage. Interest is raised through photo exhibitions, small round table meetings and large-scale conferences. New books are being produced describing the historic building fabric, area by area. With the help of these activities it is hoped that future generations will become accustomed to the idea of protecting, preserving and displaying the cultural-historic heritage of the Moldova as part of their civic duty.

Saving Past Testimonies for Building a Future in Chisinau, MOLDOVA
The Jury had nothing but admiration for the sheer scale and reach of this project. It has had a huge impact on the conservation, restoration and particularly the protection of cultural heritage of Moldova. The motivated and enthusiastic team of the Agency for Inspection and Restoration of Monuments managed to be a true catalyst for change. They started a much needed dialogue with civil society, the municipalities, businesses and the general public to save the severely-threatened heritage of Moldova and especially of the capital Chisinau. In just a few years, they have managed to change attitudes towards cultural heritage – and all this on a minimum budget.

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