Silk Factories in Bursa and Industrial Sericulture Heritage in Istanbul

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The study investigates the sericulture past of Bursa, on the Silk Road located in Turkey and especially focuses on the industrial period (between 19th century – mid 20th century) of sericulture in Bursa.

Silk Factories in Bursa and the Conservation of Industrial Heritage related to Sericulture, TURKEY

With the abandonment of silk production in Bursa after 1980, silk factories in the historic city were closed or had to be adapted to serve new functions. During this research the existent silk factories have been examined and documented. Conservation proposals for each one have been developed via examining European models. An idea has been built up for cultural tourism by creating a silk itinerary in Bursa which combines with European models.

“For the rigorous analysis of the industrial heritage related to sericulture in Bursa and practical proposals for its sustainable conservation and revitalisation.”