The Somlóvár Park Conservation Plan in Hungary

The 4-volume conservation plan reveals the history of Somlóvár Park, an endangered site of European interest in West Hungary, through a deep research and detailed research material. Based on that material and on a holistic assessment of the values of the park, it gives detailed recommendations for conservation and maintenance.

The Somlóvár Park Conservation Plan, HUNGARY

Following this methodology, it is a first experiment to the adoption and adaption of the methodology of a conservation plan well established in Britain and all around Europe except this part of the Continent. The park itself, designed by the celebrated Viennese French architect Charles Moreau, was one of the purest examples to a classic English landscape park in the wider region.

“The ‘Somlóvár Park Conservation Plan’ is valued as the first in depth study of this important garden. The plan introduced and adapted the methodology of a conservation plan in a country where this type of research had never been used previously for gardens. It is an outstanding example for other sites in Hungary and the wider region.”