South Pennines Watershed Landscape

The Watershed Landscape is the upland area of the South Pennines, northern England, uniting Lancashire and Yorkshire. This landscape has been a focus of activity over thousands of years: once inhabited, later exploited for minerals, now internationally important for wildlife, vital for water supply, and a focus for leisure activities. The project aims to raise awareness of the upland’s rich heritage and promote a greater understanding of the important role it played for the surrounding settlements. By researching and telling the fascinating stories of the moor and creating new ones to inspire future generations, the project aims to protect and enhance this special place, while helping more people to experience the visually stunning landscape first-hand. It is managed by Pennine Prospects in partnership with a wide range of organizations, hand-in-hand with local communities.

“The Jury thought the South Pennines Watershed Landscape a most imaginative project for raising awareness of a rich natural and archaeological heritage. Impressive in scale and multidisciplinary in approach, it tells fascinating stories, ensuring sustainable protection of the cultural landscape and enhancing regional development. It has turned a once-disregarded area into a popular destination, attracting wide interest among the local population, from children to a range of ethnic groups. A high standard of academic research was matched by extensive publicity through diverse popular channels.”

South Pennines Watershed Landscape, Bradford, UNITED KINGDOM

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