Stift Klosterneuburg in Austria

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The construction of an imposing Baroque wing at Klosterneuburg Abbey had begun in 1730, but abruptly ceased due to lack of finances upon the death of the Emperor Charles VI in 1740. The Sala Terrena, featuring eight monumental Atlantes amid the rough masonry, was therefore left incomplete as if frozen in time.

Stift Klosterneuburg AUSTRIA

In 2005 the Sala Terrena and adjacent spaces were revitalised and adapted as a spectacular yet inviting visitor reception area, harmoniously incorporating modern architectural elements predominantly made of glass. Large areas of the medieval cloister were remodelled to present the precious medieval art treasures in a contemporary manner. Accessibility to the disabled was improved and the former refectory was equipped with up to date climate control and security technology for use as the presentation space for the unique collections. Vast portions of the building were rendered accessible to the public for the first time ever, providing an authentic visitor experience.

“For bringing to life and rendering accessible to the public an unfinished monument to Baroque absolutism and for the harmonious introduction of complementary newly designed elements.”

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