Study, Assessment and Design for the Structural and Architectural Restoration of the Bedestan, Nicosia

The Bedestan is one of the most important historical buildings in Nicosia, reflecting the multicultural life and many historical periods of the city. Contained within the city walls, the Bedestan was originally a 12th century Byzantine church, later used as a covered market place. The study’s aim is to enhance the building through historical research and diagnostic investigations prior to the assessment for static consolidation, conservative restoration and re-qualification, and finally, through the re-insertion of the monument into the urban setting of the historic centre of the city.

Study,Assessment and Design for the Structural and Architectural Restoration of the Bedestan , Nicosia CYPRUS

The overall result is a showcase project which ensures continuity between the past, present and future needs of the building. The study, the restoration research and the re-use of the Bedestan are part of various initiatives within the wider framework of the “Rehabilitation of Old Nicosia”.

“This dossier has been unanimously appreciated by the Jury for the completeness of the research – from the historical and archaeological analysis to the architectural and technical diagnosis. The research pointed out the operative quality of the restoration project, an innovative method of anti-seismic support and vocational training for future maintenance. The Jury also underlines the importance of the reuse project that respects the dignity of this sacred space.”