Teaching manual: The Fortifications of Vauban

“This award is given in recognition of the quality of the contents of the teaching manual, combining qualitative scientific documentation with an attractive pedagogical programme to raise awareness among the general public about the official recognition of the Fortifications of Vauban, resulting from their registration on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.
This award is also intended to encourage similiar projects in other European cities with this type of fortifications and a consequent sharing of the results.”

Intended for primary and secondary school teachers, The Fortifications of Vauban teaching manual contains readings of the past and views about the future, combining scientific content, pedagogical and didactical support material with the goal of passing down to future generations the knowledge and awareness of the Vauban fortifications, a heritage whose outstanding universal value was recognized by UNESCO.

Teaching Manual: The Fortifications of Vauban, Besançon, FRANCE
The network of major Vauban sites has developed this project by bringing together people with many skills suchas as scientists, IUFM professors and mediators, thus ensuring a thorough and complete discourse.
Adopting a multidisciplinary approach, the manual fits within the school curriculum, and the topics covered provide the teachers with articles that ensure awareness-raising among their students about the value of these fortifications and the need for their safeguarding.
Every school in the Vauban network has received a copy of this manual. The Vauban network is currently creating additional tools for the young public, thus encouraging the discovery and the comprehension of this fortified heritage.