Terminal 1 in Ferihegy Airport

This is the winner of a Medal

Designed by Karoly David Jr. in the shape of an airplane, Terminal 1 was completed at the end of the 1940s. Subsequently it suffered a series of inharmonious alterations, such as the adjunction of two lateral wings to serve as passenger halls and cope with the dramatic increase in air traffic in the 1970s. The recent restoration project aimed to recover the building’s original values and create a functional space to accommodate the ever increasing passenger flow in the 21st century.

Terminal 1, Ferihegy Airport, Budapest HUNGARY

The entire project was completed in an extremely short time-frame – less than 18 months – in order to limit additional pressures on other Terminals. The question of how to remove the later inharmonious extensions whilst nevertheless ensuring the necessary space for efficient functioning of the building in the 21st century, constituted the principal challenge. The problem was masterfully addressed by demolishing the lateral wings and rebuilding them according to a high quality new architectural design, whilst even re-using some supporting elements from the 1970s. The original materials and colours of the diverse layer were determined through painstaking research, the stone surfaces cleaned and restored, and contemporary furniture and artwork designed and installed.

“For the successful revitalisation of an early airport building, that perfectly reconciles the conservation of original values with the integration of contemporary elements for use in the 21st century.”