Upper Colne Valley Dry Stone Walling Project in Huddersfield

Dry stone walls make a vital contribution to the cultural landscapes of many European upland and Mediterranean regions. However, a feature shared by all these landscapes is that dry stone walls are becoming derelict and their demise is impoverishing and damaging the heritage for future generations. The Upper Colne Valley Dry Stone Walling Project was successful in raising awareness and getting people actively involved in repairing dry stone walls via hands-on “taster sessions”, guided walks, a marked trail and several exhibitions.

Upper Colne Valley Dry Stone Walling Project, Huddersfield UNITED KINGDOM

Additionally, the project increased the number and the skills of the people involved in the conservation of dry stone walls via the production of a definitive DVD training video. The project also developed a way to evaluate the current condition of dry stone heritage to enable communities to prioritise conservation efforts. The project was made possible by grant aid from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

“An Award has been given by the Jury for an exemplary training programme in dry stone walling that can be used as a didactic model for other European areas marked by this type of endangered heritage. High quality pedagogic material has been developed and implemented in a most efficient way through a transnational student exchange programme.”

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