Valletta Waterfront in Malta

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The Valletta Waterfront Regeneration Project consists of the rehabilitation of a historical urban environment of Valletta’s Grand Harbour through the conservation, restoration and re-use of the historical buildings and townscape together with an integrated design approach that includes building additions, alterations, extensions and new building projects.

Valletta Waterfront, MALTA

Once completed, the Valletta Waterfront will boast a continuous promenade with multifarious commercial and leisure activities. To date the conservation-restoration of the façades of the Grade 1 listed Pinto Stores (1752) and Forni Stores (1626 and 1720) has been completed, as well as the rebuilding of the Historic Quay Wall and construction of a marina for small craft.

“For the remarkable regeneration of a grandiose Baroque harbour and the establishment of an authentic link between the sea and the historic urban environment.”

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