Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam

The Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam is a 1920s factory complex which provides 55.000 m2 of workspace for the creative industry. Extensive historical research into the building techniques and the initial colours used in the building, established an essential knowledge of the original qualities of this early and most important example of Modern Movement architecture in Europe from the late 1920s. This knowledge was the basis for the restoration and adaptive re-use of the complex.

Van Nelle Design Factory in Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS

The unique heritage values of the buildings have been outstandingly conserved, including the at the time innovative building technologies, such as curtain walls. Necessary transformations and new additions to convert the buildings into the ‘Van Nelle Design Factory’, providing office space for the creative and design industries, are sensitive and highly reversible and seem to fit naturally. The project is highly appreciated as an exemplary approach to the restoration of, and finding new uses for, an iconic building of European and world importance.

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