Visavuori Museum in Valkeakoski

This is the winner of a Diploma.

Restoration of log timber building, home and atelier of the sculptor Erik Wikström, which is a typical early example of the national Romantic (Jugend) architecture. The building was rehabilitated in order to present the life and work of Wikstrom and of the political caricaturist Kari Suomalainen.

The Bellman House and the Low Row, Stockholm, SWEDEN

The underlying principle of the project was to preserve the history of the building and achieve a situation whereby the preservation of the buildings could be secured through ordinary maintenance measures. Traditional building methods were used, as for example in the construction of a shingle roof for the residence and the repair and tarring of the sawn shingles of the atelier roof. A maintenance plan was also developed for the museum grounds, while the interiors from Wilkstrom’s time were restored and renovated.

“For the careful, authentic and well-documented restoration of an important early example of Finnish National Romantic Architecture.”

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