Work and restoration expertise in the rural areas of Joensuu

“The Jury highly commends this project, as an exemplary cooperation between the voluntary and public sector, as well as owners and educational institutions, which has created a number of very important results. Unemployed people have been trained in restoration skills, nationally or regionally important traditional buildings have been restored, and the awareness towards building heritage has been raised. This approach can be used throughout Europe, for the benefit of the conservation of our heritage.”

This project, carried out in close collaboration between the voluntary and public sectors, is bringing about the renovation in accordance with accepted restoration principles old traditional wooden buildings that are considered nationally or regionally important for their landscape, cultural or historical significance. The project provides employment for long-term unemployed people, teaching them renovation skills through work-based learning methods, as well as theoretical instruction about cultural values inherent in the built environment. The participants can obtain the vocational qualification from their restoration apprenticeship.

Work and restoration expertise in the rural areas of Joensuu, FINLAND
Through the project it has been possible to pass on to the next generation virtually forgotten log-building repair techniques and thus ensuring that this expertise is firmly rooted within the area. Other objectives are to increase the general appreciation for the cultural environment and to circulate information about the traditional building culture. Parallel to the aims of the project, a generally positive attitude has been developed towards the cultural environment and building heritage.