Yria and Sangri Archaeological Sites on the Island of Naxos

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The restoration of the archaeological sites of the sanctuaries of Dionysos in Yria and of Demeter in Yiroulas/Sangri on the island of Naxos. Both sites are presented to the public with local museums.

.Yria and Sangri Archaeological Sites, Island of Naxos GREECE

The ruins were conserved according to international conventions, presenting all the historical periods, yet by presenting their archaeological context and by animating them for sight-seeing, leisure, education and cultural activities, they provide a connection to modern society. Each site includes rich information beside the ruins and there was a deliberate discipline to be simple and discrete. These previously unknown places have become important sites not only for the island of Naxos but also for our European heritage.

“For the systematic and sensitive excavation, restoration and presentation of these important Ancient Greek sites and their integration with the natural environment.”